1.0 Hour On-Demand Ethics Webinar

3 Tips for Better Billing is accredited in AL, TX, FL, CA, and NY (via an Approved Jurisdiction: AL) for 1.0 hour of ethics training that will help attorneys capture more hours contemporaneously to create more accurate, ethical hourly billing records for clients.

Watch the Trailer to Learn More About the Webinar

Watch the 1.0 minute trailer to find out what you will learn in this valuable ethics webinar.

Watch the trailer to find out what you will learn in this valuable ethics webinar

Download the Webinar Course Materials


Download the 25-page packet of course materials for the webinar

Purchase the Webinar via Vimeo On-Demand


Purchase a 1.0 hour of CLE Ethics that helps you effectively bill more hours 

STEP ONE: Watch the Video On-Demand at Your Convenience


Once purchased, the video link will be available for you to watch when it is convenient for you

STEP TWO: Email Us the Attendance Code for CLE Credit


After watching, email us the embedded Attendance Code along with your name and Bar ID to obtain CLE credit

STEP THREE: Start Billing More, Efficiently and Effectively


Immediately begin seeing an increase in your productivity and your ability to document more hours ethically