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California, and New York

Praise for The Billable Hour

“This is a book that I would recommend to EVERY lawyer in private practice.”

practitioner’s guide to smarter, more effective hourly billing for young lawyers

“I think it is rare that a book lives up to its claim that it can enhance revenue for a lawyer.  This book WILL enhance the revenue for every lawyer who makes an honest attempt to follow the simple suggestions for smarter billing.” 

-- Jerry Foxhoven

Executive Director Legal Clinic

Drake University Law School


Bill More Efficiently and Ethically


Meet Your Ethical Duty to Keep Contemporaneous Time Records

Focuses on an attorney’s ethical obligations to the client to maintain accurate, contemporaneous time records which describe billable tasks in sufficient detail to support the reasonableness and necessity of the attorney’s billable work


Capture All Time and Effectively Describe Tasks

Teaches law students, clerks, and young lawyers how to capture and effectively document every 0.1 by billing in bites, not blocks, and avoiding generic task descriptions that may not meet client billing guidelines


Bill Only Billable Tasks to Avoid Client Rejection

Trains law clerks and associates to describe their tasks in a manner that meets client billing guidelines and ensures approval of the bill

A Message From the Author: Annie Dike

Annie Dike is a former litigation and trial attorney admitted to practice in the State of Alabama, N.D.Ala, M.D.Ala., S.D.Ala., and N.D.Fla., with a specific focus on medical malpractice defense, insurance defense, and creditor’s rights.  Ms. Dike has published articles in The Alabama Lawyer and DRI Medlaw Update and has spoke on numerous legal issues at conferences nationwide.

Bill Smarter. Bill More. Get the Guide.


As lawyers, we all spend time and money learning to improve our deposition skills, our jury trial skills, etc.  It makes just as much sense to spend a little time and money to sharpen our billing skills to ensure we are keeping detailed records, capturing all time, and meeting our ethical obligation to our clients to maintain contemporaneous, accurate time records.

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